Application Key Features

System Notifications

Real time updates with push notifications based on your business rules

Dynamic Dashboards

Strong capability to build dynamic dashboards based on your business processes

Integration Layer

Integration with a wide range of tools that your business is using

Communication Channel

Through RSS feed, OneSource can be used as your communication portal linking any news source you like

Contacts & Collaboration

Finding key personnel in your organization and in Atos team within the app -- collaboration is never easier. 

Reports & Documents

OneSource provides any documentation needed at your finger tip to keep everyone on the same page

Feedback Channel

Easily connect with Atos teams on-the-go by voting"likes" or"dislikes" with additional comments.

Single-sign-on (SSO)

Users are able to use their enterprise credentials to log in to OneSource. No need for registration or password set up.

Timeline & Roadmap

Getting full control of your project with high level overview of the project's goals and deliverables presented on a timeline.